About Us

Founded in 1839 with eleven churches the Dan River Baptist Association now has thirty-three churches that have united to advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

The Dan River Baptist Association believes the Church must embrace the message of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. In order to achieve this, the Church must provide a more aggressive leadership role in the renewal of our community.

As a result, the Dan River Baptist Association shall forge new partnerships to advance Christ’s kingdom. By partnering with others outside the Dan River Baptist Association, we can help our community as a whole. We believe that as we share the challenges with hope, together, we will make a difference.

The 33 churches that compose the Association have joined in a common effort to accomplish its vision.

The Association is an autonomous body that is self governing and operates without any outside directives, but has chosen to partner with other entities.

We have partnered with the Southern Baptist Convention to work in cooperative endeavors.

All of the churches in the association have chosen to cooperate with either the Baptist General Association of Virginia (state convention), the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia (another state convention), or the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.




  • Rev. Don Bryant, President
  • Jeff Oaks, Vice-president
  • Tamra Whitt, Clerk/Secretary
  • Tammy Moore, Assistant Clerk
  • Jean Hart, Historian
  • Tim Davis, Music Director
  • Steve Anderson, Financial Director
  • John Bosiger, Treasurer
  • Gail Martin, Asst. Treasurer
  • Carl Daniel, Baptist Men’s Director
  • Karen Ward, WMU Director


  • Steve Anderson
  • Worth Hudson
  • J. Hudson Reese